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G-01 Health Services Research

1073: Patient-Level Characteristics of Medicare Cancer Patients in the United States, Implications for Treatment and Survivorship
Pearlstein, Kevin Click abstract title to view poster
1075: Readability Levels of Patient Education Materials in Professional Radiation Oncology Organizations
Byun, John Click abstract title to view poster
1077: The Dissemination of New Technologies and Temporal Trends in Curative Therapy for Prostate Cancer Patients with Low Likelihood of Clinical Benefit
Raldow, Ann Click abstract title to view poster
1080: Trends in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Use for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer at National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Centers
Laufer, Marsha Click abstract title to view poster
1082: Patient and Institutional Predictors of Trimodality Therapy for Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in the National Cancer Database
Sher, David Click abstract title to view poster
1138: Factors Associated with Survival in Patients with Oligometastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Parikh, Ravi Click abstract title to view poster
2739: Determinants Of The Combined Use Of External Beam Radiation Therapy And Brachytherapy For Low-risk Localized Prostate Cancer
Quek, Ruben
2740: Evaluation of Canada’s First Radiation Oncology Treatment Facility Operated by Telemedicine
Pearce, Andrew Click abstract title to view poster
2741: The Role Of The Urologist In Whether Locoregional Prostate Cancer Patients Consult With A Radiation Oncologist
Quek, Ruben
2742: Factors that Determine Academic versus Private Practice career interest in Radiation Oncology Residents in the United States: Results of a Nationwide Survey
Chang, Daniel
2743: Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Patients’ Willingness to Participate in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Radical Pleurectomy With or Without Intraoperative Photodynamic Therapy
Shah, Anand
2744: The Evolving Role of Regional Radiation Oncology Societies in Resident Education
Mattes, Malcolm Click abstract title to view poster
2745: Interval from Imaging and Treatment in the Radiosurgery Era: How Long is Too Long?
Seymour, Zachary Click abstract title to view poster
2746: Offering and Enrolling Patients in Outcomes Tracking or Clinical Trials
Rich, Shayna
2747: Addressing The Growing Cancer Burden In The Wake Of The Aids Epidemic In Botswana: A Collaborative Partnership
Clayman, Rebecca
2748: Standardizing the Radiation Oncology Medical Student Elective: A Novel Curriculum and Evaluation of Student Satisfaction
Berman, Abigail Click abstract title to view poster
2749: Assessing The Benefits Of Implementing An Oncology Electronic Medical Record In A New Cancer Center
Fortin, Marie Andree
2750: Integration Of A 3D Virtual Radiotherapy Environment System For Clinical Patient Education
Leong, Aidan
2751: Longitudinal Trends In Costs For Palliative Radiation For Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Robinson, Timothy Click abstract title to view poster
2752: Risk Of Unplanned Hospitalization During Treatment With Concomitant Radiochemotherapy
Elson, Joshua Click abstract title to view poster
2753: The Impact of Superstorm Sandy on the Care of Radiation Oncology Patients
Grew, David Click abstract title to view poster
2754: Dramatic Variation in the Global Burden of Esophageal Cancer: A Disability-Adjusted Life Years Approach
DiPardo, Benjamin Click abstract title to view poster
2755: Non-white Women Are As Likely As White Women To Receive Hypofractionated Radiotherapy For Breast Cancer, But Less Likely To Enroll In Hypofractionation Clinical Trials
Housri, Nadine
2756: Persistent Disparities in Hispanics with Cervical Cancer in a Major City
Patel, Abhilasha Click abstract title to view poster
2757: Improving Quality Of Life and Increasing Cost Effectiveness For Cervical Cancer Patients
Carlson, Julie
2758: Development of the Veteran Health Administration - Radiation Oncology Quality and Safety initiative (VHA-ROQSI)
Kapoor, Rishabh
2759: Cancer in Botswana: A Prospective Cohort Study of Cancer Type, Treatment, and Outcomes
Suneja, Gita
2760: The National Radiation Oncology Registry: Approaches to Regulatory Compliance to Promote Wide Participation
Bekelman, Justin Click abstract title to view poster
2761: Breast Cancer Mortality Reduction in the United States between 1969-2009 was Independent of Screening Mammography in the Nine Geographically Disperse SEER Regions: More Evidence for Less Benefit of Screening Mammography
Bleyer, Archie Click abstract title to view poster
2762: Decreased Radiation Utilization During The Economic Crisis Of 2008-2009
Cramer, Christina Click abstract title to view poster
2763: Inter-rater Variability in the Assessment of Skin Reactions in Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy-Impact of Grading Scales
Kapur, Ajay
2764: Practice-based Evidence To Evidence-based Practice: Initial Challenges In Building The Nror
Efstathiou, Jason Click abstract title to view poster
2765: Effect of Radiation Therapy on Survival in Rectal Cancer Patients in a Canadian Province: A Population-based Analysis
Mou, Benjamin
2766: Utilization Of Lean Process Improvement During Introduction Of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy And Radiosurgery To Decrease Patient Rescheduling
Thawani, Nitika Click abstract title to view poster