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G-04 Decision Making

1076: Stereotactic Radiosurgery versus Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Whole Brain Radiation Therapy for One to Three Brain Metastases
Lester-Coll, Nataniel Click abstract title to view poster
1084: The Role of Shared Decision Making in Patient Experiences in Radiation Oncology
Shabason, Jacob Click abstract title to view poster
2781: Decisional Support For Women 60 Years And Older During Their Treatment For Stage I And Ii Breast Cancer - Single Institutional Study
Szumacher, Ewa
2782: Emergency Preparation For Radiation Oncology: Lessons Learned From A Natural Disaster
Furhang, Eli
2783: Impact of Expected Survival On Decision Analysis For Single Versus Multiple Fractions of Palliative Radiation For Bone Metastases
Goldstein, Nicolas Click abstract title to view poster