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I-01 Informatics

3088: Development Of A Protocol-Driven Script Content Management System For A Commercial Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System
Janssen, Rogier Click abstract title to view poster
3089: A Software Architecture and Application for Reporting on and Analyzing Radiation Plans for Concordance with Ideal Dose Constraints as a Quality Assurance Parameter
Vali, Faisal
3090: Prospective Randomized Double-Blind Study of Atlas-Based Autosegmentation Assisted Radiation Treatment Planning in Head and Neck Cancer
Walker, Gary
3091: A Computer Software Tool For Comprehensive Plan Quality Evaluation
Yang, Deshan
3092: Characterizing the Adoption of Automated, Decision-Based Electronic Checklists in a Busy Academic Practice
Blacksburg, Seth Click abstract title to view poster
3093: Improving the Quality and Composition of Electronic Documentation in a Highly Utilized Electronic Medical Record
Blacksburg, Seth Click abstract title to view poster
3094: Normal Tissue Toxicity Criteria in Radiation Therapy
Jiang, Yuliang Click abstract title to view poster
3095: Malignant Glioma Delineation in Amino Acid PET-Images Using a 3D Random Walk Approach
Fechter, Tobias Click abstract title to view poster
3096: Multi-institutional/technique Dose Comparisons Using Overlap Volume Histograms For Difficulty Normalization
Moore, Joseph Click abstract title to view poster
3097: Three Years of RTDS - A British Success Story
Ball, Christine
3098: Applicability of a General Predictive DVH (pDVH) Model to Rare Treatment Sites with No Prior Training Data
Appenzoller, Lindsey
3099: Efficient Method to Train pDVH Models with Plan Quality Variation Present in the Training Cohort
Appenzoller, Lindsey
3100: Modeling Organs at Risk Dose Sparing in Head and Neck TomoTherapy and IMRT Plans: a Comparison Study
Yuan, Lulin Click abstract title to view poster
3101: WebTPS: A Complete Web Application for Monte Carlo Treatment Plan Recalculation
Renaud, Marc-Andre Click abstract title to view poster
3102: Oncology Information system (OIS): Building a Large Integrated and Centralized Oncology System to Improve Quality and Safety of Patient Care
Izadbakhsh, Mark
3103: Design Of A Novel Django Web-based Tool For IMRT/VMAT Treatment Plan Verification And Evaluation
Fan, Michael