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MM-01 Quality of Life

2960: L-lysine In The Treatment Of Oral Mucositis In Head And Neck Cancer Patients - A Pilot Study.
Wong, Winnifred Click abstract title to view poster
2961: Incidence and Risk Factors for Pain Flare Following Spine Radiosurgery
Jung, David
2962: Magnetic Resonance Sialography to Evaluate Radiation-induced Xerostomia in Patients with Early-stage Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Ou, Dan Click abstract title to view poster
2963: Patient Reported Outcomes in Patients with Non-Melanomatous Skin Cancers of the Head and Neck (NMSCHN) Treated with Superficial Radiation Therapy
Kharofa, Jordan
2964: The Effect Of Resistance Exercise Training On Health-related Quality Of Life Of Head And Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Definitive Chemoradiation: Results Of A Pilot Study.
Zhou, Jessica
2965: Initial Report of a Prospective Phase II Study Including Patient-Reported Quality of Life Data of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for Patients with Oligometastatic Disease
Rajagopalan, Malolan
2966: Prevalence of Patient-Reported Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Concordance with Clinician Toxicity Assessments in Radiation Therapy for Anal Cancer
Tom, Ashlyn Click abstract title to view poster
2967: Results From The Multi-institutional, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial To Assess The Efficacy Of A Mucoadhesive Hydrogel Rinse In Mitigating Oral Mucositis (OM) In Chemoradiation-treated (CRT) Head And Neck Cancer (HNC) Patients
Nowotnik, David Click abstract title to view poster
2968: Health Related Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients with Low Grade Glioma
Nwachukwu, Chika
2969: Geriatric Assessment In Radiation Oncology Clinic: A Pilot Study
Chawla, Sheema
2970: Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients with Prostate Cancer treated with Nodal Irradiation
Patel, Abhilasha Click abstract title to view poster
2971: Health State Utilities for Patients Who Underwent Stereotactic Radiosurgery With or Without Whole Brain Radiotherapy
WANG, CHENYANG Click abstract title to view poster
2972: Comparison of Bowel and Urinary Function in Rectal Cancer Patients Undergoing Pre-Operative Endorectal Brachytherapy Or External Beam Radiotherapy and Total Mesorectal Excision
Bernad, Daniel