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NN-01 Quality Assurance

2980: Credentialing in Hippocampal (HC) Sparing Techniques for RTOG 0933: Quality Assurance (QA) Report
Cui, Yunfeng Click abstract title to view poster
2981: Effectiveness Of Hospital-based Incident Reporting And Learning System To Manage Radiation Treatment Errors
Valicenti, Richard
2982: The Impact of Thread Effect on Tomotherapy Quality Assurance With Cylindrical Diode Detector Array
Geng, Hui Click abstract title to view poster
2983: Linear Accelerator Performance Monitoring and Improvement using Semi-Automated Testing and Statistical Process Control
Letourneau, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
2984: Use Of Eortc Target Definition Guidelines For Dose Intensified Salvage Radiotherapy For Recurrent Prostate Cancer. Results Of The Quality Assurance Program Of The Randomized Trial Sakk 09/10
Ghadjar, Pirus
2985: Quality Assurance of Helical Tomotherapy Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment Using Cylindrical Diode Array System
Lam, Wai Wang Click abstract title to view poster
2986: Privilege and Immunity-- An Underutilized Tool in the Quality Improvement Program
Quang, Tony
2987: Verification Of A Commercial Monte-carlo Electron Dose-calculation Algorithm Under Clinical Use For Treatment Of Breast And Total Scalp Irradiation
Yogo, Katsunori Click abstract title to view poster
2988: A Comparison of the Dosimetric Properties of a Plastic Scintillator-CCD and a Fluorescent Screen-CCD System in QA of Radiotherapy Beams
YANG, BIN Click abstract title to view poster
2989: Comparison of Setup Accuracy by Immobilization Type in Image-Guided Lung Radiotherapy
Souranis, Annette Click abstract title to view poster
2990: Initial Findings With The Use Of A Novel Performance Metric To Identify Institutional Rates Of Radiation Discontinuation
Molitoris, Jason
2991: Pre- And Post-Treatment QA Procedures Proposed To Eliminate Phantom-Based QA On Tomotherapy
Handsfield, Lydia Click abstract title to view poster
2992: HDR Plan Verification Of Source Position And Dose Accuracy Using A Fluence Detector
Marshall, Ingrid
2993: Enhancing Quality and Safety of VMAT using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Admiraal, Marjan
2994: Computerized End-of-planning Checks To Improve Patient Safety Based On One Year Of Near-miss Incident Reporting Data.
Nyflot, Matthew Click abstract title to view poster
2995: Quality Evaluation of An Automatic VMAT Planning Method For Head And Neck Cancer Cases
Pang, Tingtian
2996: Peer-review Chart Rounds as a Component of the Automated Workflow in a New Department
Duplan, Danny
2997: Image Approval Rates for Daily Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) in a Large, Academic Group Setting: Variation by Physician Familiarity with the Patient
Lin, Alexander Click abstract title to view poster
2998: Improving Patient Safety One Error at a Time: Implementing an Electronic Error-reporting System in a Radiation Oncology Clinic
Deraniyagala, Rohan
2999: Assessing Tumor Coverage and Organ-At-Risk Doses during Intra-Fraction Motion via Probability Mass Function of Real-Time Respiratory Trajectories
Ghaffari, Hamid
3000: Impact of a Single-Day Multidisciplinary Clinic on the Management of Pancreatic Cancer: 3-Year Update
Fan, Katherine
3001: Automated Patient Identification and Localization Error Detection Using X-Ray Setup Images
Lamb, James
3002: Using Multi-Criteria Plan Quality Metrics to Perform an Objective, Retrospective Analysis of Complex Head and Neck Plan Quality Differences Between Different VMAT Vendors
Markovic, Alexander
3003: Interdisciplinary Variation in Segmentation of High-Risk Post-Operative Tumor Volumes in the Head and Neck
Awan, Musaddiq
3004: A Dosimetric Comparison of Pharyngeal Constrictor Segmentation Methods During Radiation Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer
Rosenthal, David
3005: The Impact of Standardized IMRT Templates on Treatment Plan Quality
Eastham, David
3006: Prospective Peer Review in a Non-Academic Radiation Oncology
Mitchell, James
3007: Medical Event Threshold for Permanent Brachytherapy Must be Greater Than 20%
Gao, Wanbao
3008: Use of the Patient Safety Alert (PSA) System to Improve the Treatment Verification Process
Pham, Huong Click abstract title to view poster