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Q-05 DNA damage induction, repair and the damage response

3130: Rad51 In Regulating The Radosensitivity Of Nsclc With Different Egfr Status
Wang, Jin
3131: A Novel Radiosensitizer of the Functional Food Component, Monogalactosyl Diacylglycerol (MGDG) from Spinach, Enhanced the Cytotoxic Effects for the Pancreatic Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo
Akasaka, Hiroaki Click abstract title to view poster
3132: Possible Failure Of The LQ Model With Large Fraction Sizes
Sheu, Tommy Click abstract title to view poster
3133: Proton versus Photon Radiotherapy: Differential Demands on the Biological Level
Fontana, Andrea
3134: A Mitotic Pathway For Radiation-induced Genome Damage
Bakhoum, Samuel
3135: HIF-1alpha Post Transcriptional mRNA Regulation Under Normoxia: The Significance Of UTRs
Nishioka, Takeshi
3136: Screening For BRCA1-pathway Inactivation In Sporadic Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Thompson, Marcher Click abstract title to view poster
3137: Direct Effects of 125I Seeds Irradiation on A549 Lung Cancer Cells: G2/M Arrest and Enhanced Cell Death
Qu, Ang Click abstract title to view poster