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R-01 Patient positioning and tracking

1001: Early Results of Phase I Trial with New Anti-HER-2 Radionuclide Conjugate
Meredith, Ruby Click abstract title to view poster
1002: Design of a Novel Multilayer Detector Based on Thin-Film Cadmium Telluride for High Energy Photon Imaging in Radiation Therapy Applications
Shvydka, Diana Click abstract title to view poster
1091: An Integrated Image Guided Proton Therapy Monitoring System with Real-Time Imaging Processing and Treatment Intervention
Wu, Huanmei Click abstract title to view poster
3223: Skin Thickness Estimation For High Precession Optical Head Tracking During Cranial Radiation Therapy - A Simulation Study
Wissel, Tobias Click abstract title to view poster
3224: A Population-based Treatment Margin for Respiratory Motion of Lung Tumors
Mooney, Karen
3225: Quantitative Assessment of the Accuracy and Practicality of Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Using Surface Monitoring
Tang, Xiaoli
3226: Assessment of Breast Motion during Hypofractionated Robotic Radiotherapy
Zhao, Bo
3227: Evaluation of Dose Uncertainty Associated With Real-Time Tracking IMRT Using Robotic Radiosurgery System
Iwata, Hiromitsu
3228: MR Image Guidance of Brachytherapy Needle Placement: Potential of 2D Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging
Bos, Clemens
3229: A New 4DCT Technique
Low, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
3230: Dosimetric Effects of Rotational Uncertainties in Fiducial-based Treatment Setup for Pancreas SBRT
Yang, Wensha Click abstract title to view poster
3231: Prospective Evaluation of Oblique Dual-Energy Imaging in Patients Undergoing Image-Guided Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
Bray, Tracy
3232: Prostate Intrafraction Motion During Image Guided Radiotherapy After Rectal Emptying
Choi, Youngmin Click abstract title to view poster
3233: Control of Respiratory Motion by Hypnosis Intervention During Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
Li, Rongmao
3234: Tumor Bed Variation During Accelerated Partial Breast Brachytherapy
Kuo, Hsiang-Chi
3235: Is An Immobilization Device Necessary For Prostate Irradiation, In The Era Of Image Guided Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)?
Nicolaou, Nicos Click abstract title to view poster
3236: An Investigation Of Patient-specific Respiratory Motion Effect In Lung CBCT Imaging
Li, Xiang Click abstract title to view poster
3237: Inter-Fraction Prostate Motion with Endorectal Balloon Placement
Stockham, Abigail
3238: Development and Validation of 6-DOF Patient Setup Using 2D Onboard Imaging
Li, Guang
3239: Evaluation of 4D Cone-beam CT Based Automatic Image Registration for Radiation Treatment of Lung Cancer
Li, Jun
3240: Evaluation of Treatment Planning Modalities for Early Stage Left Sided Breast Cancers Reveals Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Comes Out on Top.
Simone, Brittany Click abstract title to view poster
3241: Comparison of PTV Margins for Contouring Using MVCBCT and Carbon Target Imaging: A Pilot Study
VATYAM, SATHIYA NARAYANAN Click abstract title to view poster
3242: Relationship Between Intra-fraction Prostate Motion And Rectal Dilatation
IKEDA, ITARU Click abstract title to view poster
3243: Geometric Accuracy Verification of a Respiratory Gating System Using Gated KV-CBCT and Gated MV-CBCT
Cheung, Michael
3244: Dosimetric Effects Of Involuntary Motion For Total Marrow Irradiation With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
Mancosu, Pietro Click abstract title to view poster
3245: Estimation Of Optimal Margin For Intra-fraction Movements During Frameless Brain Radiosurgery
Jeong, Ho jin
3246: Utility of Remarking Regimens for Improving Setup Accuracy in Definitive Lung Radiotherapy
Douglass, Lauren Click abstract title to view poster
3247: Accelerated Barrier Optimization Compressed Sensing (ABOCS) For Ct Reconstruction With Improved Convergence
Niu, Tianye
3248: Quantitative Cone-beam CT In Radiation Therapy: GPU Implementation And Comprehensive Evaluations On The State-of-the-art On-board Imager
Niu, Tianye
3249: The effect of Larynx Motion on Set Up/Delivery Error during Radiation Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer
Baron, Charles
3250: A Clinical Planning Tool to Predict Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Maximum Dose Based on Distance to the Tangent Field Edge
Cooper, Benjamin Click abstract title to view poster
3251: Impact of Prone vs Supine Positioning on Small Bowel Dose with Pelvic IMRT
Gonzalez, Victor Click abstract title to view poster
3252: Adaptive Re-planning after Five Treatment Fractions in Prostate Patients with Implanted Markers Impacts on Setup Accuracy
Ruggieri, Ruggero Click abstract title to view poster
3253: Tracking Target Motion during delivery of 3DCRT and IMRT Treatment
Maria Das, Koilpillai Joseph
3254: Breathing Irregularity Induced Uncertainties In Patient Positioning Of Lung Sbrt: An Investigation Based On A Digital Human Phantom
Turner, Kathryn
3255: Optical Imaging for Patient-Specific Treatment Planning and Collision Avoidance
Chanyavanich, Vorakarn Click abstract title to view poster
3256: Does Abdominal Compression Through Prone Patient Position Reduce Respiratory Motion In Lung Cancer Radiotherapy?
Catron, Tom Click abstract title to view poster
3257: Noninvasive Real-time Prostate Tracking Using A Transperineal Ultrasound: A Clinical Trial Comparision to RF Transponders with Visual Confirmation
Abramowitz, Matthew
3258: Reducing Radiation Doses Received By Cardiac Devices
Bourgouin, Alexandra Click abstract title to view poster
3259: Applying Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) to the Analysis of Good Catches in Radiation Oncology
Mosaly, Prithima Reddy
3260: Bite Blocks can reduce Setup Uncertainty Related to Weight Loss during Head and Neck IMRT: Preliminary Results of a 3-Modality Image Guidance Protocol
Asher, David Click abstract title to view poster
3261: Implementing In-room Visual Guidance Using A Digital Projector For Breath-hold Treatment Of Left Breast Cancer
Ku, Lichung
3262: Novel Tissue Compensation with Photon Irradiation for Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma with Irregular Surfaces
Majithia, Lonika Click abstract title to view poster
3263: Use of Diagnostic Quality CT for Daily Prostate Localization with Soft Tissue Registration
Leung, Paikin
3264: Submillimeter 2D-3D Registration for Brain Radiation Therapy using 3D Cone-beam CT Data and a Single, Limited Field-of-View 2D kV Radiograph
Munbodh, Reshma Click abstract title to view poster
3265: Real Time 3D Markerless Lung Tumor Tracking
Mao, Weihua
3266: Rotational Patient Positioning Corrections for Cervical Spine SBRT; Evaluation of 6DOF Couch Applicability
Williams, Benjamin Click abstract title to view poster
3267: Inter-Fraction Displacement of Electromagnetic Beacons in Patients Receiving Post-Prostatectomy Radiation Therapy
Kathpal, Madeera
3268: An Approximate Entropy-based Method for Prediction of 4D-CT Quality from Respiratory Signals
Mooney, Karen
3269: A Novel Algorithm to Eliminate Motion Artifacts from Thoracic PET Images
Zhao, Tianyu