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R-03 Treatment management of IMRT/IGRT/ART

1005: Deriving a Virtual Respiratory Phase-Specific PET Contour from Free-Breathing PET Using Respiratory Information from 4DCT
Kainz, Kristofer Click abstract title to view poster
1010: Clinical Implementation of a Comprehensive EPID-Based 3D/4D Patient Dose Reconstruction Framework for Complex Treatment Validations
Lin, Mu-Han Click abstract title to view poster
1012: Monte Carlo Estimation of Dose to the Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices from a kVCBCT System Used in Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
Ming, Xin Click abstract title to view poster
3290: Interobserver and Intraobserver Variability in Image Registration for Image-Guided Radiotherapy
Fujita, Yujiro Click abstract title to view poster
3291: Treatment Dose Evaluation of IGRT and Adaptive Plan Modifications for Head-and-Neck Cancer Radiation Therapy
Yang, Kai Click abstract title to view poster
3292: Deformable Image Registration Accuracy in the Head-and-Neck region: Comparison with Interobserver Variation
Riegel, Adam
3293: A Dosimetric Study of Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma With or Without Hippocampal Sparing
Han, Guang Click abstract title to view poster
3294: Functional Image-Guided Radiotherapy Planning in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Patients with Pulmonary Emphysema
doi, yoshiko Click abstract title to view poster
3295: Accelerating Popular CBCT Reconstruction Algorithms on GPGPU Using OpenCL
ZHOU, LILI Click abstract title to view poster
3296: Comparative Study Of Tumor Heterogeneity Modeling In [18f]fdg Pet Images
Wang, Ping
3297: Optimization Of Treatment Planning Parameters Used In Tomotherapy For Prostate Cancer: Using Dosimetric Physical Index And Plan Evaluation Scoring Index.
Cao, Yuanjie Click abstract title to view poster
3298: Comparison of Gross Target Volumes Based on 3-Dimensional CT, 4-Dimensional CT, and Cone Beam CT Images of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Li, Feng Click abstract title to view poster
3299: A Patient-Specific Approach To Prostate Cancer Contouring Through Assessment of the Overlap Volume Between PTV and OARs
Mattes, Malcolm Click abstract title to view poster
3300: Incorporating the Prediction of Residual Tumor Location into Prospective Dose Painting for Locally Advanced Non-small-cell Lung Cancer
Zhang, Pengpeng
3301: Variation of Parotid Delineation Utilizing Auto-Segmentation Technique
Liang, Jian Click abstract title to view poster
3302: Dose Verification of 2D and 3D Intra-fractional Tumor Motion for Patient Specific Quality Assurance of Respiratory-Gated Radiotherapy
Lim, Kyoung-Dal
3303: Dynamic Dose Interplay Does Not Meaningfully Affect Target Dose in VMAT SBRT Treatments
Feygelman, Vladimir
3304: Impact of Motion Interplay Effect on Step and Shoot IMRT
Wakai, Nobuhide Click abstract title to view poster
3305: CT-to-CT Contour Propagation Using Deformable Image Registration For Head And Neck Cancer Radiotherapy: Investigation For Clinical Application
Siddiqui, Farzan
3306: Feasibility Of Using A Fourier Markerless Technique For Clinical 4D-CBCT Reconstruction
Vergalasova, Irina Click abstract title to view poster
3307: A Study of 4D CBCT Reconstruction using Detection of the Target Position from 2D Projection Images
Usui, Keisuke Click abstract title to view poster
3308: The Evaluation of Rectum Dose Associated by kV-CBCT Imaging in IGRT
catan, ilker
3309: Design and Development of a Practical Scatter Correction System in CBCT
AN, Sohyun
3310: Development of Patient Specific 3D Dose Evaluation Solution for Dose Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
Lee, Suk
3311: Can Planned Dose Shifting Method Be Used In Place Of Dose Recalculation Method For Dose Evaluation In Adaptive Radiotherapy Of Head And Neck Cancer?
Fung, Winky Wing Ki
3312: Evaluation Novel Look Up Table Method For Mri-based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Jang, HongSeok
3313: Which Is An Optimal Dosimeter To New Optical CT Scanner (P3DS) Between BANGkitTM And PRESAGETM? A Feasibility Study For Brain SRT Case
Chang, Kyung-Hwan
3314: VMAT Radiation Therapy (VMAT) Versus Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Small-Sized Breast
Yeh, Chi-Yuan Click abstract title to view poster
3315: Towards Automated Treatment Planning: Trade-offs in PTV Homogeneity and OAR Dose in Complex IMRT Plans
Tol, Jim
3316: Accelerated GPU Based Tomotherapy-Planning
Mohr, Angela
3317: A Web Application For The Management Of Clinical Workflow In Image Guided And Adaptive Proton Therapy For Prostate Cancer Treatments
Yeung, Daniel
3318: Clinical Confirmation of Direct Non-invasive Ultrasonography Respiration Monitoring System in Improving Organ Motion Artifact of 4DCT
Ping, Yan
3319: A Simulation Study Of Treatment Verification Using On-board Multi-pinhole SPECT
Yan, Susu
3320: Intrafraction Motion During Lung SBRT: Patient Motion Or Tumor Motion? A Megavoltage Cone Beam CT (MVCB) Study
Day, Ellen
3321: A New Algorithm for Tri-modality Image Fusion for Target Delineation in Radiotherapy
Wang, Zheng
3322: Clinical Implementation of Automated Tangential Breast Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Jaffray, David
3323: Dosimetric Impact Of Treatment Couch On Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)
ye, jing jing
3324: Optimizing Ct Acquisition For Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatment Planning And Delivery
Chen, Guang-Pei
3325: Deformable Contour Propagation in Adaptive Re-planning for Cancers of the Head and Neck
Pasha, Junaid Click abstract title to view poster
3326: Adaptive Dose Recalculation And In-vivo Dosimetry As Clinical Tools To Tailor Daily IGRT: Experience After 100,000 Fractions Delivered
Olivera, Gustavo
3327: A Comparison Between Pencil-beam Versus Monte Carlo Calculations In Arc Therapy.
Shin, Hun-Joo
3328: Changes in the Lumpectomy Cavity from Initial Whole Breast Irradiation to Sequential Boost
Qiao, Qiao
3329: Comparison of Cumulative Dose in the Spinal Cord Using Rigid Registration and Non-rigid Registration for Two-step Adaptive Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer
Arai, Kazuhiro Click abstract title to view poster
3330: An Application of Trajectory Log for Volumetric Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy(VIMAT) Plan Quality Assurance in a Digitally Integrated And Controlled Linear Accelerator
Chan, Siu Keung
3331: Ct Image Reconstruction From Imrt Treatment Beam
Jeong, Kyoungkeun
3332: Evaluation of On-board kV Cone Beam CT-based Dose Calculation Using Deformable Image Registration and Modification of HU Values
Onozato, Yusuke Click abstract title to view poster
3333: Optimizing PTV For IMRT Of Cervical Cancer Using Structure-Specific Margins
van den Bosch, Michiel
3334: Development Of A Semi-automated Contouring Toolkit For Pelvic Organs On An MR Image Series
Hwang, Ken-Pin
3335: A Novel Approach for Establishing Benchmark CBCT/CT Deformable Image Registrations in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Kim, Jinkoo
3336: Adaptive Radiotherapy Re-planning for Head-and-Neck Cancers and the Dosimetric Benefit to the Parotid Glands
Pukala, Jason Click abstract title to view poster
3337: Dosimetric Effects of Daily Anatomic Variations when Treating High Risk Prostate with Whole Pelvis IMRT using an Adaptive Strategy and Dual-Plan Superposition
Schinkel, Colleen Click abstract title to view poster
3338: Multi-center Clinical Assessment Of Dir Atlas-based Auto-contouring
Gooding, Mark Click abstract title to view poster
3339: Incorporating Tradeoff in Knowledge Modeling of Parotid Dose Sparing in Head and Neck IMRT
Yuan, Lulin Click abstract title to view poster
3340: Interfraction Relative Volume Changes and Independent Motions between Multiple Targets in Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
Liu, Feng
3341: Ideal Input Parameters For Organs at risk On Monte-carlo Optimizer - Should It Be DVH Based Or Biologic Based?
Chaudhari, Lalit Click abstract title to view poster
3342: Planning of MR-Guided Gynecologic Interstitial Brachytherapy Insertions
Damato, Antonio
3343: A Prospective Study To Generate Ctv To Itv Margins Using Cone Beam Verification Ct For Pelvic Imrt In Locally Advanced Cervical Cancers.
Mahantshetty, Umesh
3344: Advantages Of Treating Skin Lesions With Vmat Compared To Static Imrt With Multiple Gantry Beams
Luo, Guozhen Click abstract title to view poster
3345: Multi-center Assessment Of Auto-contouring Using Deformable Image Registration For Adaptive Therapy
Gooding, Mark Click abstract title to view poster
3346: Quantifying The Impact Of Introducing Modulated Arc Therapy In The Clinic
Lachance, Bernard Click abstract title to view poster
3347: CT-MRI Fusion Uncertainty in Prostate Treatment Planning for Different Image Guidance Techniques
Chen, Xiaoming
3348: Evaluation of PTV Margin in the Treatment of Lung Cancer Simulated with 4D CT and Validated with Daily Cone Beam CT Guidance
Jennelle, Richard Click abstract title to view poster
3349: A Novel Framework for Deformable Registration Evaluation and Quality Assurance
Piper, Jonathan
3350: Evaluation of Deformable Prostate Cone-beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Contouring Methods for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Piper, Jonathan
3351: Improved Dosimetric Accuracy of Bulk Density Overridden Plans for Prostate Patients using Tissue Population Average Electron Densities Obtained within Radiation Beam Paths
Hu, Yanle
3352: Adaptive Radiotherapy for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment of Prostate Adenocarcinoma
Semon, Meredith
3353: Difficulty of Pancreas IGRT using CBCT
Hadley, Scott Click abstract title to view poster
3354: Dose Reconstruction In Considering Of Respiratory Motion Of The Target Using 4D-CT In VMAT
ito, yasushi
3355: Does Rectal Distention Affect Interfractional Dose To Prostate And Rectum In Prostate IMRT Treatment? Optimizing IGRT Techniques
Zhung, Joanne
3356: Peripheral Dose Heterogeneity Due To The Thread Effect In Total Marrow Irradiation With Helical Tomotherapy
Takahashi, Yutaka Click abstract title to view poster
3357: Comparison of 3D Dose Delivery Accuracy and Efficiency for VMAT Between 2 Linear Accelerators Using Linac Log Files
Wijesooriya, Krishni
3358: The Feasibility of Fully Automating Treatment Planning Process Using Knowledge Based System
Wang, Henry
3359: MRI-based Radiotherapy Planning Of Prostate Cancer: Clinical Feasibility And Assessment Of Dosimetric Accuracy For Different Treatment Techniques.
Perkins, Gregory
3360: A Dosimetric Study of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) versus Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in Locally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Cancer Involving Base of Skull
Tongtip, Naruemon Click abstract title to view poster