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R-05 Particle beam therapy

1090: 4D Treatment Dose Reconstruction for Scanned Ion Beam Therapy
Richter, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
1092: When Does Pencil Beam Scanning Improve the Treatment Outcome of Pediatric Head and Neck /CNS Patients Over Passive Scattered Proton Therapy?
Moteabbed, Maryam Click abstract title to view poster
1093: Carbon-Ion Scanning Lung Therapy (with Respiratory-Gated Phase Controlled Rescanning): Simulation Study for 4D Treatment Planning
Takahashi, Wataru Click abstract title to view poster
1094: In-Vivo Proton Beam Centroid and Range Uncertainties Determined Empirically from Positron Emission Tomography Due to Single Uniform Field Patient Treatment Activation
Farr, Jonathan Click abstract title to view poster
1095: Scanning Beam Stereotactic Body Proton Therapy (SBPT) for Pancreatic Cancer: A Dosimetric Feasibility Study
Ashman, Jonathan Click abstract title to view poster
1096: Reduced Secondary Neutrons and Occupational Exposure with Optimization of Beam Shaping Device Material in Proton Therapy
Moskvin, Vadim Click abstract title to view poster
3402: Evaluation Of Geant4 For Experimental Data Quality Assessment In Commissioning Of Treatment Planning System For Proton Pencil Beam Scanning Mode.
Matysiak, Witold Click abstract title to view poster
3403: A Quantitative Assessment of the Interplay Effect of Prostate Intrafraction Motion in Proton Pencil Beam Scanning
Tang, Shikui
3404: A Dosimetric Comparison of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated by Protons and IMRT
Ling, Ted
3405: Prediction of Relative Risks of Radiogenic Second Cancer and Cardiac Toxicity for 17 Pediatric Medulloblastoma Patients Treated With Photon or Proton Craniospinal Irradiation
Zhang, Rui
3406: Image-Guided Method For TLD-based In-vivo Rectal Dose Verification With Endorectal Balloon In Proton Therapy For Prostate Cancer
Hsi, Wen
3407: Is Density Override for Fiducial-induced CT Artifacts Necessary in Proton Treatment Planning of Prostate Cancer?
Zheng, Yuanshui
3408: A Method For In Vivo Intracavitary Surface Dose Validation Using Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (tlds) Applied To Prostate Cancer Patients Treated With Protons
Chen, Chin-Cheng Click abstract title to view poster
3409: Dosimetric Effect of Intra-Treatment Target Volume Reduction in Bulky Head and Neck Cancer with Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy
Merrell, Kenneth
3410: Fast Range Switching Of Passively Scattered Proton Beams Using A Modulation Wheel And Dynamic Beam Current Modulation
Sanchez Parcerisa, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
3411: Feasibility of Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for Base of Skull Chordomas
Yeager, Caitlyn Click abstract title to view poster
3412: Proton Therapy Delivery Uncertainties for Single vs. Multiple Daily Fields
Klein, Eric Click abstract title to view poster
3413: Proton Beam Versus Photon Beam Dose to the Heart and Left Anterior Descending Artery for Left-Sided Breast Cancer
Lin, Lilie
3414: Clinical Assessment of a Commercial Patient Positioning & Verification System in Proton Therapy
Zheng, Yuanshui
3415: Study of Robustness of Passive Scattering Proton Therapy Plans for Targets in Lung and Comparison with IMRT Plans
Dhanesar, Sandeep
3416: Pre-calculated Track Monte Carlo using GPGPU
Renaud, Marc-Andre Click abstract title to view poster
3417: Feasibility of Using 3D Uniform Conformal Scanning Proton Beam Therapy for Locally Advanced Oropharyngeal Carcinoma Requiring Bilateral Neck Irradiation
Cahlon, Oren