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R-06 Novel treatment delivery techniques

1006: Breath Holding Volumetric Modulated Radiotherapy Based on Implanted Fiducial Marks Using the Image-Guided Radiotherapy System with Fluoroscopic Function
Takanaka, Tsuyoshi Click abstract title to view poster
1008: Dosimetry Modeling for Focal LDR Prostate Brachytherapy
Al-Qaisieh, Bashar Click abstract title to view poster
1009: Towards Customizable Radiotherapy Enhancement (CuRE), with Gold Nanoparticles released, in situ, from Gold-loaded Brachytherapy Spacers
Ngwa, Wilfred Click abstract title to view poster
1011: Establishment of an Easy-to-Handle Quality Assurance (QA) Tool Using Plastic Scintillator for Dynamic Parameters of VMAT
Akita, Shungo Click abstract title to view poster
3418: Standardized Procedure For Skin HDR Cases Using The Varian Catheter Flap Set
Iftimia, Ileana Click abstract title to view poster
3419: Design Of An Internally Shielded D-shaped Breast Brachytherapy Applicator Using Monte Carlo Methods
Yang, Yun
3420: A Simple Method to Unify Target Volume Delineation and Plan Optimization in Clinical Trials (The Boolean Method)
El-Haddad, Mostafa Click abstract title to view poster
3421: Dosimetric considerations of Total Body Irradiation
Maghsoudi, Kaveh Click abstract title to view poster
3422: Effective and Efficient Technique for Total Marrow Irradiation
Matulewicz, Lukasz Click abstract title to view poster
3423: Artifact Correction on MR-Derived Bulk-Density Maps
Schadewaldt, Nicole Click abstract title to view poster
3424: Comparison Of Dose Delivery Between Original Arc And Split Short Arcs Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
Noto, Kimiya Click abstract title to view poster
3425: The Dosimetric Effect of Tumor Size and Position in Prone Radiation Therapy of Breast Using a Novel Stereotactic Breast Irradiation Device
Chaudhry, Huma
3426: Advances in Whole Abdominal Irradiation: What Protons, VMAT and IMRT using Multicriteria Optimization Can Offer
Rochet, Nathalie Click abstract title to view poster
3427: Dosimetric Comparison of Robotic Radiosurgery and VMAT for Hypofractionated Prostate Radiation Therapy
Peng, Cheng
3428: Improved Normal Tissue Sparing and Reduced Treatment Time Using Multileaf Collimator Robotic Radiosurgery Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Compared to Iris Collimator SBRT in Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer
Kole, Thomas Click abstract title to view poster
3429: Dosimetry of Rhenium-188, Praseodymium-142, and Yttrium-90 using Monte Carlo simulation for application in High Dose Rate Eye Plaque Brachytherapy
Ferreira, Maria Clara
3430: An Adaptive Planning Strategy for Station Parameter Optimized Radiation Therapy (SPORT): Segmentally Boosted VMAT
Xing, Lei
3431: Are Photons In The Energy Range Of 1-6 Mv A More Optimum Choice Than Higher Energy Photons For Delivering A Conformal Dose Distribution In The Target Volume With Better Quality In Portal Images?
Zhang, Ying
3432: A Dosimetric Comparison Between Volumetric Modulated Arc and 3D Treatment Plans for Synchronous Bilateral Breast Patients
Levin, Daphne
3433: Efficient VMAT Treatment Plan Optimization Using Non-Uniformly Distributed Control Points
Na, Yong Hum
3434: Permanent Interstitial Radiation with Cs-131 Implants for Gynecologic Malignancies: Analysis and Results of an Initial 13 Applications
Wooten, Charles Click abstract title to view poster
3435: Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (vmat) Versus Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (imrt) In Pelvic Malignancies: A Dosimetric Analysis
Mohanty, P.p
3436: Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SAbR) and Limited Field IMRT Using a Novel Treatment Delivery Platform
Yordy, John
3437: Accuracy Verification of 4D Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) Based Lung Tumor Registration by Way of In-Treatment 4D CBCT Analysis
Nakagawa, Keiichi
3438: Feasibility Study Of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy With Constant Dose Rate For Endometrial Cancer
Yang, Ruijie Click abstract title to view poster
3439: A Combination Of Volumetric Arc Therapy And Tangential Fields In Challenging Breast Cancer Cases
Kjaer-Kristoffersen, Flemming Click abstract title to view poster
3440: Low Dose Area Constrained Helical Tomotherapy-based Whole Breast Radiotherapy And Dosimetric Comparison With Tangential Imrt
Zhikai, Liu
3441: Development of Tissue Equivalent Gel Dosimeter for Clinical Radiotherapy System
Cho, Yu Ra Click abstract title to view poster
3442: Focal Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer: A Dosimetric Comparison Between Whole and Hemi-Gland Treatment
Mehta, Niraj
3443: Using 3D Surface Imaging Technology to reduce Cardiac Dose in Left Breast Radiotherapy: Plan comparison of 5 patients.
Rice, Lynsey
3444: Design, Development, And Characterization Of Small Animal Hemi-brain Irradiator Using 192Ir Hdr Source
Wilson, Zachary
3445: Trajectory-based Radiation Therapy With Linear Couch Motion For Extended Spinal Treatments
Thompson, Jonathan
3446: Dosimetric Comparison of Cs-131 vs. I-125 Intraoperative Brachytherapy for Patients with Resected Brain Metastasis Renders Cs-131 More Sparing of Normal Brain Tissue - Clinical Relevance for Prevention of Radiation Necrosis From a Prospective Trial
Nedialkova, Lucy Click abstract title to view poster
3447: Optimizing 3D Conformal plans for 4p Non-Coplanar Converging (4PiNC) Beams using a Genetic Algorithm
Cho, DooKee Click abstract title to view poster
3448: An Innovative Method For Patient-specific Pre-treatment-plan-verification (PTPV) In Head & Neck Radiotherapy Treatments: Preliminary Results
Pappas, Evangelos
3449: Effect of Dose Gradient on the Incident Probability of Brain Metastases in Hippocampal-Sparing Whole Brain Irradiation
Perez-Andujar, Angelica
3450: A Dosimetric Feasibility Study using Forward Planning Segmental Field Technique for Stationary Craniospinal and Spinal-sacral Junctions in Craniospinal Axis Irradiation
Farol, Hanako Click abstract title to view poster
3451: Dosimetric Evaluation Of Single Versus Multi-isocenter Frameless Radiosurgery For Multiple Brain Metastases
Camarata, Andrew Click abstract title to view poster
3452: The Effects Of Interplay On Accumulated Dose In High-dose Rate Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Of Lung Cancer
Watkins, William Click abstract title to view poster
3453: Fluctuations of Source Characteristics of Electronic Brachytherapy: The Importance of Quality Assurance
Rafie, Frank
3454: VMAT Technique for the Circumferential Treatment of a Limb with Leukemia Cutis
Kim, Gwe-Ya Click abstract title to view poster
3455: 3d Helical Tomotherapy Planning: A Novel Technique With High Conformality And Short Treatment Times
Leuthold, Susan
3456: Experimental Verification of Thermal Dose Distributions of a Novel Thermo Brachytherapy Seed for LDR Seed Implants
Warrell, Gregory Click abstract title to view poster
3457: 4-Pi Non-Coplanar Converging Beams Yield Superior Therapeutic Ratio than Conventional Coplanar Beams
Wang, Song Click abstract title to view poster
3458: Beam Selection For MLC-based Robotic Radiotherapy
Wang, Bin Click abstract title to view poster
3459: Helical 3D-Conformal Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer
Khandelwal, Shiv Click abstract title to view poster
3460: Comparison of VMAT, Partially Wide Tangents and Photon/Electrons for Treatment of Reconstructed Chestwall, Supraclavicular, Axillary and Internal Mammary Nodes
Dumane, Vishruta Click abstract title to view poster